First Post For The Hell Of It

You’re not actually reading this. You’re interpreting tiny pixels of color on a digital display in repeated patterns that make up what you accept as letters which are combined together in such a way that you accept them to form words and sentences. You may not even be doing that if you don’t speak a word of English or recognize the English alphabet. It takes a long time to understand what each little symbol is capable of, how to move the mouth and tongue to produce each one’s varied sounds accurately. Longer to string the sounds together into coherent sentences. The fact you might be able to understand any of this is quite remarkable. If you do, give yourself a pat on the back, maybe reward yourself with a cookie, or whatever treat that suits your taste. Honestly, you deserve it. On the off chance you have no idea what you’re looking at though, I recommend maybe doing something else, like seeing a psychiatrist. Not that you’ll listen to me, being the way you are, but just thought I’d throw that out there.

Now onto the more important things…

Waffles are SUPERIOR to pancakes, in every way! They cook faster, they can be soft or deliciously crunchy, they hold an exquisite amount of syrup, and you can’t get much wrong with one. No, I won’t hear it, pancakes are no good in comparison! Why anyone would prefer them is a complete mystery. This happens to be one of the few things I DO know, so you absolutely may take my word for it.